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About us

4x1 creates all their ceramics in a studio located deep in the labyrinthine heart of Barcelona, where the streets, corners and buildings recount the stories and customs of the Barri De La Ribera, the city's oldest district of artisans and artists.

The inspiration of the city and its thriving tradition of arts and crafts radiates from all of 4x1's ceramics. Color reflects the vibrant sunlight of the south, form echoes the rich heritage of Spanish architecture and ceramics, and texture evokes the touch of Mediterranean soil and clay. Each bowl, cup, plate or object transports its bearer to the magnificent Catalonian city on the shores of the shimmering Mediterranean.

4x1 are Cora Egger born in Zürich at 1972 and Marc Vidal born in Barcelona at 1972.

All the works are hand-made with careful attention to detail and technique. Each piece is thrown by hand and fired two times to ensure a perfect glaze. 4x1 celebrates a methodology that carefully balances tradition and continuous experimentation, spawning a collection of ceramics that are unique, beautiful and superior in quality.